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Sculptural-Project, City Nord, Hamburg, Germany
05/14/2006 – 09/24/2006

The business district City Nord, an area in the northern part of the metropolis Hamburg, will be the backdrop for the cultural undertaking of sculpture@CityNord. The town planning concept of this district built in the 1950’s derives from a Modernist ideal to create a business focused area surrounded by a park landscape close to the city centre of Hamburg.
However, the City Nord aims at positioning itself culturally and culture will not only contribute to the area but also to the whole of what the city of Hamburg has to offer. This project will specifically contribute to Hamburg’s architectural event Architektursommer 2006 as well as to the framework of cultural activities displayed during the Football world cup 2006 held in Hamburg. The governmental body responsible for culture in Hamburg has called the exhibition “the most important event in the field of art in public space” for 2006.

Outstanding works of contemporary art are to be selected for this exhibition. They are not going to be chosen to conform to a certain constraining theme. Moreover, the exhibited works in conjunction should represent a many sided spectrum within which each work has its own qualitative impulse as well as its own physical presence. That includes individual sculptures and sculpture groups as well as installations, whether they are abstract, figurative or conceptual. The quality is the decisive factor; the way in which the work mediates the spectator and is portrayed in the suspenseful context of City Nord.
In order to be able to adapt to the specific conditions on site this project is designed to keep a certain touch of “process likeness”, explicitly allowing experimental approach. In conclusion, the spectator himself does effectively take part as an essential element of the work, since most of the works will only function by means of his presence.
Part of the works will examine the situational coherence of the City Nord. For this reason the considered space is divided into several themed zones. This guarantees a structured order, which will not constrain the event and its pieces of art but in fact is desirable for an exhibition of this size. This order is arranged around the given elements shaping the landscape and the available perspectives. This also ensures that each artwork individually relates to its location and thus site.
Following Hamburg’s impressive tradition of public space art exhibitions like ‘Plastik im Freien’ (1953) or ‘Jenisch-Park-Skulptur’ (1986) sculpture@CityNord will have a temporary character. With duration of several months it will run from May till September. A vision for it to reappear on the long run could be a biannual event.

The project was initiated by local tenants forming the City Nord GmbH interest group. City Nord GmbH is a corporation of local companies settled in the City Nord founded in the year 2000. This association has a particular interest in the well-being of the area. The cooperative body plans and executes measures which contribute to the revitalisation of City Nord; the overall goal however is to improve the working and living conditions of the inhabitants of City Nord.

The Peter Borchardt Gallery is one of the leading art galleries for international contemporary art in Hamburg and responsible for the project management. The owner Peter Borchardt – till 1995 manager of a fine art publisher – founded the gallery in the year 1997. He represents outstanding established artists as well as promising tendencies, the so called cutting edge. The main focus of the gallery lies on the field of “Kunst am Bau” (transl.: Art on site) represented by such prominent artists like Trak Wendisch, Robert Schad and Rainer Fetting. Several sculptures created by these artists are on permanent display in public spaces and buildings throughout Germany.
The Gallery is located in the former malting “Stilwerk” close to the Hamburg Fish Market a historic red brick building dating from 1910 which established itself as the venue for architecture, design and art in the 1990’s. This is where Art Gallery Peter Borchardt exhibits. Above all is the gallery also represented at leading art fairs.

The young collector Rik Reinking, the curator of this project, is the guarantee for an excellent arrangement. His person already attracts great media attention on his own; there is hardly any major German contemporary art exhibition taking place without one of the many artworks obtained by him. Some recent examples are the Kunsthalle Kiel, the Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen as well as the Foundation Federkiel in the Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig. He was also present at last years Art Cologne where his collection had a exhibition stand of his own. Rik Reinking perceives himself “not as the owner of these works, but moreover as a platform, with the intention to display them”. This is the conceptual principle that he wants to apply to the undertaking sculpture@CityNord.

The project will be accompanied by a PR concept and connected with the existing network that it has access to. The aim is a project that reaches further than the metropolitan area of Hamburg alone and attracts spectators from all over the country. An information office as well as a café is planned on site. During the exhibition a program of events and guided tours will take place. It will certainly be a challenge and chance for any artist to participate in such an exceptional project.

Gerben N. Bergstra

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